Onsite Massage

What is Onsite Massage?

Onsite Chair massage is a massage technique which is delivered on our massage chairs. It is a revitalising technique to release stress and tension. A combination of massage, stretches, acupressure and Indian Head techniques are used in this seated treatment which is performed through clothes.

Who is Onsite Massage for?

This technique is ideal for an office or festival venue, but can be performed at home too.

What are the benefits of Onsite Massage?

  • There is the likelihood of reduced anxiety in the workplace. Read more
  • A comprehensive mind and body treatment, which is performed on the whole body through clothing.
  • Ideal for clients who don’t want to disrobe, lie down or feel the cold but still want a deep massage.
  • An ideal deep stretching massage for those who carry a lot of tension in their shoulders and neck.
  • Better circulation through the release of muscular tension.

How long does Onsite Massage take?

A short routine can be 15 minutes, but 30 minutes is also another option which would include more Indian Head techniques as well.

What is your minimum hire period?

For a business, pamper party or venue we would envisage a 2 hour minimum period which would cost £50.00 per hour excluding travel costs. We would aim to treat 4-6 people per hour.

Try before you buy (businesses only)

Invite us along to give a demonstration. If you are thinking about having a monthly service for your employees we will provide two massages in your office while we explain the benefits of the massage and our services.